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Back in the Queen City

After a fierce Monday blizzard in Buffalo that canceled my flight, I’m finally home Wednesday afternoon. It’s hard to fault the airline in such circumstances, but there had to have been better options available to customers than crashing on airport floors or paying out of pocket for hotel accommodations. The airlines make it so easy to despise traveling. And you gotta love the non-refundable tickets and the criminal charges to change a reservation. Oh well.
A trip home never disappoints, even when I fail to knock out a significant portion of The List. It was great seeing everyone.
Lastly, I’ll be the first to admit that the southern weather has turned me into a wuss. My complaints while hugging at several layers of hoodies, scarves and heavy coats didn’t garner any sympathy from friends and family. I even got the “It’s really not that bad out, actually. I’d say it’s significantly warmer today.” Like I told a friend: It’s nice to live in a mild climate that won’t kill you after 15 minutes of exposure.
Lots to catch up on this week. That’s after New Year’s, mind you. There’s still some partying to do.