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Charlotteans Plea for Red Cross Aid; Louiston Show; Punk Rock Memories

Snow has fallen in Charlotte and that means the city is completely shutdown. It’s right about this time when we northerners puff out our chests and mock this “light dusting” with extravagant stories of three-foot high snowdrifts and wearing shorts in 40-degree weather and “This is nothing. In (city) we get 10 times this per week”. Truth is, the rain we had the last few days froze over and the roads are an undeniable shitshow. And since folks around here drive like idiots to begin with, the highway medians and guardrails had more than a few visitors today.
Tonight, I had to cancel my first busking event uptown due to weather. No sense in freezing my ass off to play music that no one will hear. Come to think of it, a show out in the elements tonight wouldn’t have been much different from a Jeff’s Bucketshop open mic. Just a bit colder and without the subtle urine smell. Next week.
Pulled in a show next Friday at Toyo in Rock Hill with a number of punk rock bands. I’ll be right in my element, playing my folk/pop tunes at a loud rock show. As far back as I can remember, no matter what band I played in, the only shows we could ever find were at punk venues, right alongside straight up hardcore, metal, screamo and street-punk bands. Needless to say, we/I never quite fit in playing around WNY with our brand of pop/punk and, later on, acoustic stuff, but we got some great stories out of it. Definitely excited about next Friday.
Trying to piece together some songs tonight, huddled away from the familiar cold. Thoughts of my home up North are keeping me good company.