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Scammers: Another Reason to DIY

Last year, I received an e-mail from a group who books shows in Charlotte, among other cities. It sounded wicked sketchy, and after some quick research I learned that the company in question didn’t have the best reputation . Then, yesterday, I get the same stock e-mail from the same company, trying to get me on a bill for a Sunday show. (The previous inquiry involved a Sunday gig as well, which should tell us something about their pull with local clubs). Anyway, I don’t know the specifics on these dudes, whether they are a pay-to-play scam or some poor schmucks with very vocal opponents. It doesn’t matter. The sheer amount of negative press associated with them is enough to raise all kinds of flags, even for artists starving for legitimate shows. Not worth it.
Refuse to compromise your integrity as an artist and know that you are the best marketer and promoter of your own work. Fuck everyone else. Do It Yourself.