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The National's "High Violet", Because, Be Honest, You Haven't Heard a Good Record in Months

I’m inching dangerously close to Fan Boy status with The National’s latest dime piece, “High Violet”. Listen, believe the hype. It’s a remarkable album from start to finish, filled with their signature lush, morose style. Now, I’m not expecting anyone who hasn’t heard of the National to head on over to iTunes and drop $10 per my suggestion, so just do this: When you hear about the band in the very near future, whether bumping into one of their new tracks online or mistakenly stumbling onto a French site that features two one-of-a-kind performances, or thumbing through¬†a ridiculously killer feature story in New York Times Magazine, just say to yourself, “Ah yes. The National. I hear they’re the next great American sound. Yes. The cat’s pajamas.” Then, head to your local library and see if they have a copy of “High Violet”.
Album drops May 11.
Favorites: “Afraid of Everyone”,¬†“Sorrow”, “Conversation 16”, “Anyone’s Ghost”.