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Greetings From the “Zeus” Set


Reshoots are underway here in the Southern Tier. Yesterday, we shot some familiar Route 16 landmarks, including the not-much-of-a-landmark “Pat’s Tac” (a country western store), the Hinsdale Cemetery and, of course, “Earl’s” – home of the jelly jar drinkers. The entire afternoon was spent under the humming gymnasium lights in Hinsdale Center School. Between our filming in April and this weekend, we’ve spent a total of five whole days in that damn building. Our crew shared a collective groan as we stepped onto the lacquered basketball court and a quiet hooray as we bagged up our gear. Finally, our days there are over. We finished the night at Jeremy’s sister’s house, refilming a scene on her porch. All went great, and we’re happy with what we got. 

The weather is just right: Beautiful, sunny skies with temperatures in the 70s, and then nice and cool in the evenings.

Wish you were here.

Love, Lou