Friday Song Lab – “Harder to Stand”

The Friday Song Lab returns after a short sabbatical with the first track off what will be my second record of the year, the other being the “Zeus” EP.

This track is called “Harder to Stand”, which I live recorded a couple of weeks ago while dog-sitting at my cousin’s spacious house. The hardwood floors in the kitchen made for a perfect, natural reverb that no plug-in could reproduce. Basically, I setup two condenser mics, hit record in Pro Tools and did a bunch of takes. The song seems to stand up on its own without any overdubs, and honestly I like the stripped down vibe of it. I may even explore a few more songs with similar limited instrumentation. Also, like most of these songs I record on my own, the volume is a little lower than, say, your favorite Lady GaGa joint (That’s because I’m lacking mastering software, FYI). This particular track especially needs a volume boost on your end, so crank dem speakers.

There’s a part of me that winces a little, wants to leave a revealing song such as this rotting on my hard drive. But, it might be the most honest song I’ve written, so screw it.

Key of A

These tired eyes need a place to go,
I’ve been dreaming of you but I wake up alone.
The achin’ in my bones after all this falling,
how the diamond in your iris made it easy in the morning.

It’s been a long, long time,
since I walked without your hand in mine.
I will carry on.
With no you to lean on, it’s a little harder to stand.

Miles that we walked, the battles won,
every scar you earned I wear the same one.
But we are two lines that never cross,
we are two like trees that rose together but grew apart.

There’s no regret. There’s not a color or word I’d ever change.
But it’s done now, and I’m finding out how
the best way to forget is to get up again.

Copyright Louiston Music BMI 2010


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