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2011 Goals

Time to set the course for the next 365 days. How about you?
1. Find a career and get on track. I’ll say it: I have a hard time making decisions. It’s an unfortunate character trait, and in the case of my professional life, my continuous wavering has proved a self-inflicted bullet to the foot. In the latter half of 2010, for the first time ever, I began to examine possible vocations through a magnifying glass as opposed to my favorite pair of wide-angled lenses. In the New Year, I’d like to have a firm plan in place and the resolve to carry it out.
2. Play at least one show per month. Open mics don’t count; I’m talking flyer-worthy shows.
3. Double my current savings. In March, I began saving about 35 percent of all my income, living frugally so I could bank cash for traveling and my retirement fund. In 2011, I’ll continue budgeting for experiences rather than things.
4. Finish my 2010 novella, design its layout using InDesign and self-publish it.
5. With #4 in mind, establish a strong base knowledge of Adobe InDesign.
6. Release two EPs or one LP, including digital booklets.
7. Organize at least one show.
8. Volunteer at a local charity at least once a month.
9. Plan at least one weekend tour. Time to take some tunes on the road. My Jetta’s up for it.
10. Be a better giver. A compliment. A simple gift. Whatever blesses those around me is fair game. They’re worth it.
11. Write a short story and submit it to three creative writing magazines.
12. Write a song and pitch it to a handful of established artists and their labels.
13. Write and film one medium-to-large scale project.
14. Enter at least one national songwriting contest.
15. Experience Radiohead live.
16. Read a novel written by Leo Tolstoy.
17. Dedicate a half-hour each week to improving my piano playing. That’s a measly 26 hours for the year.
18. Likewise, dedicate a half-hour each week to improving my Italian.
19. Keep monthly tabs on 2011 goals. This list doesn’t do much good if I’m not periodically monitoring my progress.
20. Give thanks each day. Let’s face it: We all have it pretty good.