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Zeus Song Lab – The Finale

So we wrote and filmed a movie called “Zeus”, and it will be out in the Spring. Since last summer, I’ve been writing and recording songs and sketches to use in the film and posting them when complete. Some work; others don’t. The purpose of this “Lab” is to create, first and foremost. Then we’ll sort out this mess later in the form of an official soundtrack, which will be available for free download.
And this is the end – the last few sound sketches for our upcoming film, “Zeus”.
Senneca’s Intro music – “Hemingway”

To accompany Jeremy’s mopey walk to his neighbor’s house – “#$@ Crush”

And, finally, organ music for Zeus’s funeral – “Dead As Disco”

I figured when the time came to shut down this year-long project, I’d end it with a long, reflective post. Now, it’s here and I don’t have much to say other than: I’m glad I’m finally finished. Both Hurls and I are dying to release this damn thing and move on to the next project. It’s been fun… and tedious.
Thanks for reading and listening. We are one step closer to a completed movie, and we’re excited for you to see it.

* * *

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1. Respite
2. Street Cred (Volcano Casualty)
3. The Weight of a Feather
4. BMX Bike
5. Gentlemen Wear Suits
6. Dirty Dozen Dimes
7. Like I Should
8. All Noise
9. Cemetery, Stop Sign
10. Footrace
11. Duck, Duck, Noose
12. Mask
13. The Buffalo Morose
14. Chuck Taylors
15. What We Ghosts Left
16. Groovin’ on Some Cookies
17. Owls, Racing
18. Peanut Butter Shoes
19. Balls Galore
20. Derby Sleaze Blues
21. Hey, Thunder Dan
22. Shakedown in Turn IV
23. Hey, Thunder Dan v. 2.0