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“Zeus” Premieres in Olean, NY

Quite a whirlwind this past week with the official hometown premiere of “Zeus” on Saturday. We opened up the doors of JCC’s Cutco Theater to the public, offering a free screening to whoever wished to see our small film. To my surprise, we packed the house. I guessed more than 200 folks were in attendance, including a surprising number of older folks who read about “Zeus” in an A1 story that ran in The (Olean) Times Herald last Thursday. Among the attendants were some familiar faces from my school days, like Mrs. Granger, a third-grade teacher at East View, Mr. Mosier, my old biology teacher and Mr. Wehmeyer, who gave me a D in English Lit at Bona’s (It was my fault, I admitted to him. Couldn’t keep up with the readings).

The superintendent of Hinsdale texted us later to say that she loved it, unbeknownest to us who had no idea she was in the audience. The only moments of anxiety came every time Senneca and Marc dropped a needless “f#$k” in the dialogue, but, whatever, I put a homemade Rated “R” sign on the front door.

All told, it was a wonderful evening. A surprising evening because, honestly, I didn’t know what people would suspect out of some rookie filmmakers. Did they want to see an “action-packed thrill ride”? A “Tour De Force”? Or a slacker comedy about gym teachers? Whatever their expectations, those who came stayed… for the entire 86 minutes.

My mother, riding on a sort of proud, motherly high, called “Zeus” a “tribute to coaches and teachers”, which I’d never given much thought, but, yeah, it kind of is. People loved the soundtrack. “Thank you”. “I appreciate that”. “Thanks for coming”. “Glad you enjoyed it”.

And afterward, the crowd reconvened at AJ’s Bar for a couple of celebratory drinks and pats on the back.

Until next time.