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3 Reads For Maximum Procrastination

Hello, friends. It’s been a wild month between covering a variety of meetings for the paper, writing and performing a song at my cousin’s wedding (both an honor and one of the most nerve-wracking performances of my life), visiting folks in the Thousand Islands and watching horrible football courtesy of the Miami Dolphins.
With the summer’s end, it’s time to ramp up blogging efforts along with song-writing and, yes, another screenplay from your boys at the Buffalo Morose. Speaking of which, two more screenings are slated for this month in Olean – an encore showing at 7 p.m. this Saturday at JCC with another Saturday, Oct. 22, in Murphy Auditorium at our beloved St. Bonaventure University. For more info on this weekend’s JCC screening, click here for the Facebook event-posting thing.
This week’s been a pretty good one for solid internet content. Three articles to check out in your spare time are:
Grantland’s Q&A with my favorite author, Don Delillo, on the 60th anniversary of the Shot Heard Round the World, an event marvelously chronicled in Delillo’s masterpiece “Underworld”. I had the pleasure of re-reading the novel over the summer, and it reaffirmed what I already knew: “Underworld”, in my opinion, is The Great(est) American Novel, hands-down. Bleak, dark, expansive, epic, it’s all those things. Delillo, for me, has been one of the few authors whose words grab at the edges of my brain and pull every which way.
Then, there’s New York Magazine’s profile on Michael Lewis, author of “Moneyball”, “Blindside” and “Liar’s Poker”.
Finally, there’s a decent blog up at Filmmaker Magazine on microbudgets and the independent film revolution.
OK, gotta go.