The Real Zeus Takes in “Zeus”, Childish On-Screen Hijinks, Needless Profanity; Loves It

Another exciting weekend in Olean last Saturday, as we wrapped up our series of hometown “Zeus” screenings with one at St. Bonaventure’s Murphy Building. We had another nice crowd – about 50 or so – who came out to see our little film, including the real Zeus – Mr. Gene Froebel, former Hinsdale Central Everything. He and his wife had heard about the movie from a fellow retired Hinsdale teacher, who had attended our previous JCC screening.

His one issue with our movie, in regards to the number of miles he used to run to school each day (we said three), “It was seven miles.”

We’ve been presently surprised at the word-of-mouth with “Zeus”. Most attending the later screenings heard about it through someone who attended a previous one. Shocked, too, at the shear number of teachers from around the area who came out and had some laughs. As more than one viewer pointed out, “Zeus” is a tribute to teachers and coaches everywhere, which, I don’t think was our intention when we set out to write and film this. Yet, that’s certainly true.

A copy of the film goes out to Hunter in California for color correction this week, and sound should be finalized by November 1. If all goes well, we should have this SOB on a DVD (and out to film festies) by year’s end. We’ll see. We know all too well the frailty of self-imposed deadlines.


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