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“Zeus” Is Bustin’ Heads on Kickstarter; Here’s How You Can Get Involved.

I always figured I’d make a poor salesman, and there’s been little evidence over the years to prove otherwise. Making a pitch has never been my thing, unless the product or commodity worth pitching is worth a damn. This, my friends, is one of those instances. Let me don the saleman’s cap for the next few graphs.

If you, the reader, and I have shared a conversation in the last couple of years, or, at the very least, you happened to stumble upon this blog and its inconsistent posting schedule, then you’ve likely heard about an independent film I co-wrote called, “Zeus”.

It’s about a dead gym teacher and a few of his former students, who reconnect in Western New York to pay tribute. Well, the film is finished, and we’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to get it into some festivals. Here’s a link to our Kickstarter page, where you’ll find everything you want to know about the film.

We’ve set an ambitious goal to raise $3,000 to help cover entry fees into festivals and pay back my writing buddy’s sister, who pitched us a grand and a half for film insurance. So far, our friends and, humbly, a few strangers have donated more than $1,500 toward “Zeus”. This on top of the $700 folks donated during our three screenings in Olean and St. Bonaventure University (Those funds partially covered the cost of film insurance, which was $1,500 total).

For those unaware, Kickstarter is a wonderful asset for DIYers trying to fundraise for projects that would otherwise be fiscally impossible. It works like this: Artists set the target dollar amount for their project as well as various incentives for donors; people donate; only after the goal is met does the artist get any of the money.

With that said, we are currently at the halfway mark of both our targeted goal and our 30-day deadline. This means we have 15 days to raise another grand and a half.

Friends, we need your help to meet our goal. Consider making a pledge – $1, $5, $500,000, whatever. Or, at the very least, send this message along to your friends and tell them you know these two, rad Olean and Hinsdale, NY, artists, who dig their hometowns so much they wrote a goofy movie about it. And, get this, the movie that they wrote and filmed for basically nothing, casting their friends as “actors”, is actually PRETTY DAMN COOL, particularly the soundtrack, which was written and recorded by this dude in his apartment on Garage Band (Speaking of which, have you downloaded the soundtrack? It’s free right here ).

By making a donation, you directly help us get “Zeus” out there and get some sweet shwag in the process. Please consider getting involved and pass the word along. We’d appreciate it.

Thanks for reading,