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“Zeus” Kickstarter Fund Raises $3,400; Joy and Gratefulness Abound

Early today, our Kickstarter campaign finished up after 35 days on the circuit. Not only did you, faithful friends, help meet our $3,000 goal, you obliterated it by a cool $400. That, for lack of a better word, is rad.

All I can say is thanks. Thanks for your time in following our project. And, certainly, thanks for contributing your hard-earned dollars. All for a film that a large majority of you have yet to see. We hope to change that very soon.

There were about 100 of you who donated. It’s been fun going through the list of names — I see some of my longtime friends who I grew up with, Charlotte, NC coworkers and friends (looking at you, South County Regional Library), a couple of “Oh wows” (Anne Flournoy?! TED Fellows?!) as well as a few folks who are relatively new in my life. Truly blessed to know you. Thank you to:

Mandy Caster
Nicolas Pakler
TED Fellows
Chad Luzier
Mark A Brisky
Dan Gigante
Rusty Mott
Josh Karst
Jayson Greene
Mark Riley
Debby Mooney
Jamie Shaner
Lisa Scanlon
Ann Hurlburt
Nichole Gonzalez
Maggie Perrigo
Jeremy Neely
Rick Trietley
The Froebels
Stephanie Farr
Michael Mitri
Emily Hurlburt
Saprina Wilkins
Cherie Lunger
Valerie Goole
Jim Sauer
Ashton Neff
Michael Cole
Bill LaRue
Sue Swihart Bastiani
Charles Fiegl
Dave Demarest
Ryan Michelle
Kelli Dochstader
Dale and Pat Metler
Roseanna Wilson
Crystal Luzier
Delon Basdeo
Peter W. Taylor
Jonathan Sean Kugel
Margaret Kunz
Bill Brand
Joyce Sico
Anne Flournoy
Susan “Gidget” Landgraf
Matt Retchless
Jeff Telford
Matt Alpaugh
Kevin Fleischmann
Madeline Z.
Jon Barton
Nicholas Waldron
Pat Waldron
Rob Hurlburt
Connie Mooney
Valerie Hedlund
Mike Connelly
Stacy Orlowsky
James H. Perry
Tony Burke
Piggy and Tink
Justin Follett
Sandra Dorn
Elizabeth Budnik
Joel Colombo
Kelly Hoolihan
Jason Ortiz
Jeff Streitel
Lindsey Glover
Ed Dittenhoefer
Krista McConnaughey
Richie Barie
Aaron Kiffer
Seamus Mooney
Lisa Helms
John Bennett
Katie Kemp
Bryan Greene
Molly Josephine
Mary Karst
Mary Kallenbach
Ed Kowalczweski

Next up, Hurls will be entering “Zeus” in precisely 17 film festivals AND putting together the DVD packaging for those who received a copy as a Kickstarter incentive (wait until you see what Hurls’ insanely talent sister, Emily, put together. SICK.)

And, on the music front, I’ll be releasing a new track off the record sometime in the next two weeks. More on that shortly.