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I Wrote a Song for My Cousin’s Wedding. Here, Friend, Listen to It

Last year, I was given the tremendous opportunity to play at my cousin’s wedding. It was easily the most memorable performance that I’ve ever had, hands down, and as equally stressful. A month before the wedding, Matt and his soon-to-be wife, Amanda, had requested that I play a song during their first dance as a couple, with one stipulation: the song couldn’t be a cover; it had to be one of my own. Matt and I mulled it over for a bit before coming to the very real conclusion that, at the time, I didn’t have a song appropriate enough for such a memorable occasion (other than “Harder to Stand”, which, lyrically, would be a poor, poor jumping off point for a marriage). So, I told Matt and Amanda I’d write them something in a few weeks and have it ready to play on their wedding day, October 1.

This is the end result, aptly titled “First Dance”. Crank it. This track isn’t yet mastered.

It took more than two or three months to get this recorded, in between daily reporting and pesky night meetings with the newspaper. On weekends, I’d tinker (there’s really not a better word) with it, fiddle with piano parts. The following week, I’d sneak back up to the attic and put down a bass line. Break for another week, then come back to do vocals. Go snowboarding, sleep and re-record guitars. Come home from work and mix. And so on. Glad it’s finally done. Onto the next track.


Remember this moment,
reflect on a time.
I dreamed of you then,
before you were mine.
You were the voice on the end,
that brought rest to my soul.
Across the expanses,
you carried me home.
Will you stand where I stand?
Will you hold my hand
down roads unknown, unlit,
through cold and warm winds?
I wanna plant you a flower
whose colors never fade,
I wanna build you an empire,
the earth never claims.
‘Cause you spin a kind of magic
and all my vines they untie.
You flip a heart to its edges
like nothing in this life.
Will you stand where I stand?
Will you hold my hand
down roads unknown, unlit,
through cold and warm winds?

Do you mind if I stay for a while,
and find a home in your goodness?
And usher the mornings in,
from here ’til eternity’s end?

(As sure as day is night,
a spinning world and turning tides
For you my heart will yearn
as sure as dawn’s return).

And this, appropriately, will be track 1 in what I predict to be an 8-song record that I’ll be tinkering with this year (Quick word: Last year, I had planned to do a record, got about four songs in and thought, “Nah, let’s start over”. I’ll put those songs out sometime).

I’ve got about five other tracks in the queue, ready to get laid down. Per usual, I’ll post the songs as I finish them. Hope you like.

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