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Taking a Spin for the Better

I rarely — if ever — post to this blog some of my work as a reporter here in Ithaca. That’s largely due to the fact that most readers perusing this site don’t live in the area and thus care little about the goings on in Tompkins County government or local school districts. However, some folks’ stories transcend boundaries, whether geographic, demographic, whatever.
A couple of weeks back, I stumbled onto the story of a 75-year-old single woman here in town and her inner fight against the fears that have held her back from experiencing new things. One of those fears is — like mine — heights, specifically riding Ferris wheels. So, Cly — the woman in the story — decided that, since the fair was in town, she was going to ride a Ferris wheel. But she wanted some company. I volunteered.
To her, the amusement park ride was more than just taking a seat and going around in circles;  it was an opportunity, a first step in rediscovering her thirst for life. It was a pleasure to share the gondola with her and tell her story.
I’m proud of the story I put together for our newspapers, and I believe there are lessons in Cly’s story that speak to everyone.
If you got a hot minute, have a read.