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My New Record — Fall Creek e.p. — Is Out Today.

Well, here she is — the latest in the Louiston collective. The Fall Creek e.p. was recorded here and there over the past year or so in our old house in Ithaca, NY. It feels like I’ve progressed so much as a musician in that span of time, but thankfully what’s remained is my contentment with these songs. I fall out of love with my work quickly. In turn, that forces me to work quickly and get stuff out there. It’s why I choose to record and release four or five songs at a time and not 10 or 12.
I’m proud of this stuff, as both musician and as “recording engineer”. Writing songs is one thing; recording them on one’s own is a wholly separate beast, and the quality of tracks — at least from a strictly audio standpoint — has steadily improved over the past number of years. I’m certainly proud of that.

About the songs. The track listing is:

1. Hands Tied – a song from a few years ago that I completely forgot about. I stumbled upon the raw Garageband demo last year, added some lines and it was done in about 15 minutes.
2. Fog – Ya’ know how during the weeks leading up to the NFL draft, some quarterback’s “stock” goes up and up? He’s initially a low, sixth-rounder but steadily climbs up into the second round? That’s this song, the John Beck of the E.P., if you will. “Fog” was recorded as a deep cut, intended as a track 5 or track 4 at the highest. Here it is at track 2. There’s a place in it for me, something that perfectly encapsulates that first year in Ithaca.
3. You Were Amazing – This one’s been bumming around for a couple of years. I wrote it and still play it out in its original quieter, stripped-down version. I just wanted to hear what the thing sounded like with more instruments.
4. Mask – for my grandmother. Initially, this was a throwaway, but a close friend convinced me to give this track another try. It’s a strange song on a number of levels. Structure-wise, it’s two verses, one chorus, done. Odd. And, it sounds a little hollow without percussion, but it fits with the overall theme, I think.
5. First Dance – for my cousin and his wife. I was asked to write a song and play it at their wedding, a huge honor that never gave me a heart attack.

To download the E.P., click this —> Louiston – Fall Creek EP

(The above zip file includes the E.P. booklet as well.)

If you’re moved to drop a buck or two for this e.p., you can head over to my Bandcamp page and pay whatever amount you desire.

Or, you can simply stream the songs at

One last thing, be a saint and pass this E.P. along to whomever you think might enjoy it. My reach is limited, but you, friend, help spread the word about my tunes. Thanks in advance.
Also, I’ve set up a central location to download each one of my albums. More on that soon.