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I Put Out a New Louiston LP Today. It’s Called ‘Reconciler’, and You Should Hear It.

I’m putting out some new music today. A 10-song record, actually. It’s called Reconciler, and it’s pretty damn good. Like every other Louiston record, you can grab it here or stream the whole thing on my website or soundcloud.
Many, many sweaty hours were put into recording this thing at my house. The LP spans about three years, with some songs recorded back at the old apartment – “Reconciler” in the bathroom; “Hands Tied” in the kitchen, in between the whirring of the refrigerator motor.

I could go on and on and on about the record, the process, its value to me, why I continue to make records that very few people actually hear. But, alas, I’ll pack up my little bag of verbs and nouns and move along. But, real quick:
Thanks to:

• Will Russell over at Wilburland Studios in Newfield, NY. Will is an insanely gifted sound engineer and a friendly dude, too. He mixed and mastered these tracks, breathing some life into each of them.
• Kevin D. in Ithaca, and Mike M. out in Brooklyn, friends of mine who contributed the hardware that would make up the whackest drum kit ever assembled. Thanks for the kick and snare.
• Senneca S. is a longtime friend and musical copilot. We’ve been playing music together since we were teenagers. He and I wrote “Spider in your Web” together a few years ago during a rainy Saturday afternoon. It took us all of 15 minutes to write up, which is hysterical considering the amount of time we used to put into our songs back in the day. 
• Friends. The idea of having “fans” is really, really funny. I don’t have “fans”; I have friends, and they make all this worth it. Thanks especially to my de facto managers Hurls, Senneca, and Nate Nasty.
• My family. This whole record is about family, about wanting so badly to represent them well, to justify all those years they put in grinding out day jobs, quietly handling whatever conflicts life threw at them, so I could have it a little better. And yet, I fear I’ll never quite reach the point where I feel that I’ve adequately paid them back. That’s what Reconciler is about.
• Lindsey.