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Sharpen the Senses

We could bitch all day about what sucks. Why not mention some things that don’t? Such as: a very un-boring world history, tyrannical pigs, and skate punk.

If the News Exhausts You, They’ve Won

Are you media-exhausted yet? Almost there? Strap in, buddy. The last month has been a litmus test for Trump’s remaining 47 and has spurred some very hard thinking about the value and veracity of proliferated news content and how much of it we need in our daily lives.

Thank You, Mr. Trump

If nothing else, Trump is the bigoted totem by which we measure our perceived growth as a nation.

Free of Charge

My grandfather’s advice for good, old-fashioned kindness was simple and profound.

On Journalism and Criticism

In which I work out my own internal struggles – the oscillation between love and hate – with the field of journalism.