One of My Little Tunes is in a Buffalo-area Commercial

Quick news on the work front: I had the good fortune to again work with Ithaca-based Gera Films, this time pitching in a short, little ditty for a commercial for an East Aurora gift shop.

I Hate Fantasy Football

I hate fantasy football. I really do, man. I hate how it’s all but eroded my interest in football purely as a fan, to enjoy the game for what it is and not what consequences it may have on my Week 13 matchup. ...hate that it fools me into believing my undivided attention to the [...]

Conversations with Grandma

My grandmother is an ageless anomaly, a spirited, joy-filled woman of 89 whose daily calendar allows for little downtime. She volunteers at the local hospital, meets up with her friends for card games, is involved at the church, and attends nearly every event on her great grandkids’ busy sports schedule. And this is saying nothing [...]

Make Work, Stay Sane

The painting to the left is called Green Jacket. A guy named Alex Katz painted it in 1990, and it currently hangs in the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. Outside of the 15 seconds it took me to Google “Green Jacket, artist”, I have no idea who Alex Katz is, where he’s from, or who [...]

This is Not a Think-piece on Jonathan Franzen’s “Purity”

It seems borderline impossible nowadays to enjoy a tiny sliver of pop culture without bringing at least some third-party opinion into the experience. Hype – positive and negative – snowballs in the age of the internet, where deep-dives and think-pieces exist to segment, dissect and extract cultural value. To say we’re blind to it or [...]

Some Thoughts on the Passing of St. Milo

Every town in this country seems to have at least one steward, one ambassador who is wired to create good. They typically aren’t elected or appointed or hired or even named. They just show up and give what they can. For Olean, NY, that was Milo Belvees and, for years, his mission was the local [...]