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collective '08 - fall '09

collective '08 - fall '09

Released circa 2009 /// performed and recorded by me /// mixed and not mastered by me

This EP was written during my time in Charlotte, NC. It produced the first version of “Boxcars,” which is the oldest Louiston song still on the setlist. It’s also track #1 of Civilian.

I used kick drum a lot on these early releases, was always a sucker for quarter-note hits (still am), but I didn’t have a kick drum. However, a friend who I barely knew at the time did. She was kind enough to let me come over to her place with my sparse recording gear and hammer away on her out-of-tune kick while she vacuumed in the next room over. I managed to get what I needed in between passes from the Hoover. I remember that vividly, and anxiously recording parts at my apartment before the upstairs neighbor arrived home. 

“What Good Is My Voice” – a tune I’m still proud of and may get reworked someday – was performed at the Evening Muse, at its “Find Your Muse” open-mic, one of the finest, weekly open mics and venues anywhere.