Greed vs. Perspective

Greed occasionally spoils my sacred weekend mornings with the newspaper. Reading about companies moving large sums of cash, executives collecting a cool billion, I daydream. I ask my lady what is it we have to do to get a slice of the pie? $250K. That’s it. A modest sum in a country with deep pockets. [...]

Here’s What We Can All Learn From a Veteran Navy SEAL

Perhaps there's no one better to speak to adversity than a veteran Navy Seal. Last week, Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, gave a fairly awesome commencement address to graduates of University of Texas at Austin, his alma mater. He spoke on the lessons he gleaned from his SEAL [...]

Gimme My Tools

Apparently, there is an old maxim that time tends to speed up with age. How true this rings out. If it not for a journal I keep, the days would be lost, relegated to one, big homologous mass of time dotted only by the changing of seasons, rare trips and funerals. This week, I changed [...]

Out of a Chalk Circle

No matter how much faculty of idle seeing a man has, the step from knowing to doing is rarely taken. 'Tis a step out of a chalk circle of imbecility into fruitfulness. -Ralph Waldo Emerson "Power" The calendar won't declare it for another month, but it's winter here in Trumansburg. That brash, cutting cold. And [...]

“The Deification of Imbecility”, a Clever Rant from Craig Ferguson No idea what the context was for this rant from Craig Ferguson, but good stuff none the less. H/t: B. Scheide

I Mean, Academia Likely Ruined Reading for Most Folks, Right?

I will now type a very adult sentence: I actually read something great in this past weekend's Wall Street Journal. A feature -- "Who Ruined the Humanities?", which is surprisingly un-WSJ and available without a pay wall here -- touches on the meaninglessness of collegiate literary studies. Now the main takeaway from this whole screed [...]

DIYers Hop Along, Derservingly Getting Some Burn

A little ways into 2006, during my sojourn in New Jersey, the Boathouse Records dudes and I made a trip into NYC for a show  featuring some of our friends. They happened to be playing a gig at the Lit Lounge with a host of other bands, one of them being a singer-songwriter who went by [...]