secret lair

Ohh ho ho. Look at you. You must be one special friend to be invited here. Click “download that hotness” below for an mp3 copy of my new record, Civilian, in advance of its official release.

A heads-up: It’s probably best if you download this from a computer, particularly the computer you use to sync to your phone’s iTunes. After you click the below link, a zip folder will plop into your “Downloads” folder. Unzip the folder, drag-and-drop the unzipped folder into your iTunes, sync to your iPhone, and wham-o! My new record is on your phone.

Downloading directly from your iPhone, though, is sorta stupid and getting those files from your phone’s Downloads folder to your phone’s iTunes is apparently impossible without some bullshit 3rd party app. Your phone just thinks Civilian is just another Word doc from your boss or stray bits of audio data. But it’s not… it’s a new Louiston LP, mother fucker.

If you’re an audiophile, be sure to grab the beefier, better-sounding wav files off of Bandcamp once this record drops.

Thanks for caring about me and the music I make.