Our worlds are big and noisy, cacophonous. So is my brain. This blog serves but one purpose (kinda): To capture evasive thoughts and ideas and get them out through this medium. This blog is something akin to a developed thought, except I do my best work on the fly so, in the end, what I’ve just said isn’t true. Nothing I create – re: write – will be completely finished or fully developed. It takes me weeks to write cover letters. I agonize for months over song ideas. I write rough drafts for greeting cards. Seriously. I overcook my ideas, and the finished copy is oftentimes junk, primed for the waste basket. This is a test of my own will. Let’s see if Lou can not edit himself into silence.

I am Lou, of Charlotte, NC, born and raised in Olean, NY. I am a writer and musician bent on escaping the soul-crush of listless day jobs, and, with any luck, bettering the world around me.

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