A less exhaustive bio for gig promoters and stuff: Lou DiPietro is Louiston, a mostly solo-acoustic singer-songwriter whose influences span genres and eras, from punk and indie to americana and country. A writer, performer and producer, this Trumansburg-based artist draws from and celebrates the DIY ethos and blue-collar scrappiness rooted in his WNY upbringing.

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“I want to be an honest man and a good writer.”

James Baldwin wrote these words. The brevity, clarity and no-nonsense of it make me smile. After all of those profound and hefty sentences of his, Baldwin was able to distill it all into one line. I can’t do it. Still learning, I guess.

My name is Lou DiPietro, and I write songs, book shows, perform, and produce and engineer records under Louiston. While I’ve held a number of jobs over the years and worn many hats, this much is certain: I am a musician, and I am a writer.

Where once “music” and “life” were two separate things for me, over many years they began to merge toward the same center, and today they align. They enrich and inform one another. “What does your music sound like?” is a question every musician hears. The answer is ever-elusive, and not exactly brief. It sounds like everything: Elliott Smith sometimes, and Weezer, Chet Atkins and “Heartbreaker”-era Ryan Adams, and Don Delillo and Emerson, maybe, and lots of punk rock records, Sunday mornings on the porch, winter drives back home to WNY, and the widow eating dessert, alone, at the ice cream stand and … It is a rolling document of all things felt and sensed. How to mold that into a few tidy lines is beyond my skill level.

In a past life, I worked as a reporter, driving around New York state and documenting people’s stories. It was enriching work, and in many ways that journalism still continues; it just so happens to show up in my songs rather than a newspaper.

My name is Lou DiPietro, also known as Louiston, and I’m a musician and writer who grew up in Olean, NY, but now lives in Trumansburg, NY, just outside of Ithaca, with my wife and dog.

I want to be an honest man and a good writer.

You can reach me at dipietro.louis@gmail.com, and at all the other happening online places:

Facebook @LouistonMusic
Instagram @loudipietro
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