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To say Louiston – the moniker of CNY-based Lou DiPietro – carries his weight as a solo performer is an understatement. Having honed his craft up and down the east coast for 20 years – first in punk venues across western New York in his youth, then in too many bar rooms, breweries, and cafes to count since – Lou is a one-man powerhouse with slick, seasoned guitar work, an authentic voice of precision and tenderness, and an undeniable and deep catalog of original songs you need to hear. With influences ranging from 90s-era “alternative” to the golden, vintage sounds of classic country, Lou mixes them all up into something fresh and uniquely his own – up-tempo, acoustic folk n’ roll, sometimes tender, sometimes caustic, but always human. 

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Lou twirl

stage specs

I’m small and travel light – my acoustic, a mic, stand, and a small amp. I’ve occupied full stages and tiny barroom corners of little more than 8 square feet. For venues with a PA, I’ll need a direct-in for my acoustic and a vocal mic and stand. Maybe a chair. That’s it.