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Thinking About Writing Absolutely Blows

I love writing, but I hate thinking about writing. Oftentimes the thought of writing and the ensuing dip in my desire to create overpowers the elation I get when I’m focused, filtering thoughts into complete sentences or stringing together melodies. I’ve taken up entire hobbies to avoid writing. My cooking has improved dramatically just by looking at my guitar, telling myself I should write and deciding to do something else, anything else, hey, how about some homemade spaghetti sauce? It’s a strange dynamic, this writing thing.
Starting blogs is a whole lot of fun, setting up your theme, tweeking the widgets. It’s easy to become consumed with the flashy megaphone instead of your own voice, your own thoughts, ideas and emotions. Problems arise when our backlog of ideas that we thought ran deep was just a shallow puddle, running low. Days go by; blogs die. Songs don’t get written, but, dammit, my eggplant parmesan kicks ass.
If you ever unintentionally stumbled onto a new hobby while trying to avoid your passion, I’m with you. I feel your pain.