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Jill Andrews

I hit up a show at the Evening Muse this past Friday and stumbled onto Jill Andrews, formerly of the Everybody Fields, who utterly silenced the room with her gorgeous songs. She was sick. You need to check her out and get inspired.
If you’re a musician in the area, or, hell, even if you’re not, you should get out there and see some of the talent that rolls through the Queen City on a weekly basis. It’s not just about hearing music. It’s much more than that. To me, there’s nothing more inspiring than witnessing fellow songwriters play out their unique craft. Many nights brought me back to my guitar for a late-night songwriting session, hoping some of that creativity followed me home. Different perspectives, whether through song or photography or whatever, drive art and creativity. Get out there and support your local musicians and artists. You’ll gain more than just an entertaining hour or two.