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Collective EP

CollectiveEPcover In late September, I put out an EP, my first in a long while. A lot of time, effort, frustration  and elation came out of the months it took me to record just five songs (one of which is a  live take). Half of that time was spent learning the ins and outs of a new recording  platform — Pro Tools — and twisting the knobs to get the right sound. As a musician, I  value the little time I have with a notebook and an instrument. So I expected to grow  restless while spending that creative time in front of a computer, learning software. And, I  did. It was frustrating, but in the end that foray into techie geek territory proved most  beneficial. Hitting the “Record” button isn’t as intimidating, and I anticipate future  recording sessions to be a lot less stressful and more creative and free, if you will.
Anyway, I recorded the “Collective” in my apartment, and I’m damn proud with how it sounds. This project was completely DIY, from the writing, arranging, recording and even producing the CD “jackets”, and that makes it much more special, more personal. Not to mention, it’s pretty empowering having the available tools to make, produce and market your own material without anyone’s approval or dollars. But I digress. We’ve mentioned this before.
But with the Collective’s release comes a sobering reminder:  I have to do this again, back to toeing the line between artist and engineer, musician and self-critic. Oh, but it’s so worth it.
You can download the Fall Collective EP for free here or here.

* * * *

Heading to Chicago for the weekend. See you on Monday. Have a great, productive week.