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The Weekend

I took an extended break from my writing responsibilities and spent the majority of this weekend witnessing the Phins dismantling the hometown Panthers, attending a send-off for a friend moving back North, resting, playing music and reading. It was beautiful. But breaks are meant to be temporary and there is work to do, primarily finding more freelance opportunities and getting back on stage to try out some new songs. If that weren’t enough, looks like Hurls and I are jumping back into the screenplay we’ve been working on since March. We hope to have some semblance of a finished draft by early 2010. This project is proving to be more arduous than we thought but, when it’s finally complete, I know we’ll both be glad we stuck it out.
* * *
Finished up Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” over the weekend and was surprised by how rambling and Kerouac-esque it was. And since I love those types of stories, I loved this title. In my opinion, most classic titles are touted as defining a particular generation or another but fail in their ability to resonate today. “The Sun Also Rises” does, most notably in its hilarious and modern dialogue.