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Ah, you see it’s a Monday night, and I should be at the Evening Muse’s stellar open mic, playing some songs, meeting people and trading records. But, alas, excuses are so easy to find, mine being in the form of 16-bit, nostalgic goodness that arrived in the mail today. NHL ’94 for Sega took up countless hours of my youth. My brothers, too. We each had our teams, and head-to-head match-ups were a big deal. Some games ended in broken controllers or muttered swearing (Mom and Dad were in the other room). Insignificant pros like Donald Audette, Steve Larmer and Petr Klima became wedged into our subconscious for the next decade. Ask me today who currently plays center for the Tampa Bay Lightning and I’ll think of Brian Bradley, who hasn’t played in years. Mike Gardner, Paul Coffey, Peter Svaboda, they have become engrained in my funny brain, skating around in there. Funny how your memory is anchored to certain times.
Has a pro athlete ever been as dominate in pixelated form than Jeremy Roenick? Bo Jackson and Walter Payton in Tecmo, perhaps.
Ok, no more excuses. I had my much-needed day of fun with the ’94 Buffalo Sabres and Sonic the Hedgehog. Bucketshop tomorrow for a show/practice.