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Friday Song Lab – "Dirty Dozen Dimes"

For the duration of the summer, I’m posting music written specifically for “Zeus” every Friday. Some or all of these songs will be included on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.

It’s been an extremely busy week, so I’ll follow-up with notes later this weekend.
EDIT: OK, notes time. Not much to add here. This was an idea that crept up on me on Monday morning – a simple B-G#m – F# – E chord progression with a melody that fell into place. With the lady coming to visit on Wednesday, I only had a couple of evenings to get everything in order and set for recording Friday afternoon. I think that shows. Admittedly, this is not my best work; it’s just OK in my book. For starters, there really isn’t much of a hook, and the melody is too forgettable. Looking at this piece structurally, there is no definitive chorus but rather six verse parts that formed from mumbled jibberish during a scratch take. This was intentional, a different approach to the songwriting craft, yet the end product doesn’t do much for me. That’s what’s nice about this weekly process: The good ones stick; the bad ones have a short shelf life.