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Thank You, Milwaukee

From Old Third to Water to Brady, back to Mo’s Tavern to take the shuttle to Miller Park or Summerfest, with a ton of drinks and laughs in between. Great times in Milwaukee this past weekend with some of my favorite folks.
If I’m not mistaken, this was our 4th Annual trip to a new baseball city for a weekend of games. This year, we had the added luxury of Milwaukee’s Summerfest happening the same weekend, which is to say we were not short of entertainment. Previously, we visited/destroyed Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Baltimore. I’m very fortunate to have a great, core group of hometown friends, who collectively came to the realization long ago that it wasn’t difficult to keep in touch and remain friends, even despite moving all across the country. My college buddies used to give me this perplexed look in school when I told them about epic summers in Olean, NY, drinking with my high school boys. “You still hang out with your high school buddies?” they’d ask. Then, it was my turn to be confused. Well, of course I still hang out with my high school buddies, I’d say. Don’t you? Their response only proved that what I had and continue to have is, unfortunately, not all too common.
The road trip continues tomorrow as I head north to DC, which means a third consecutive Friday without a new song to post. This June has proved to be far busier than I imagined, and I’m looking forward to a week without any major events. Then, I can get back to writing. All the best. Keep creating.