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Friday Song Lab – "Cemetery, Stop Sign"

For the duration of the summer, I’ll be posting new music every Friday. Some songs will be used in“Zeus”; others will not. The goal here is to focus on one song idea for an entire week, fine-tune it and have it recorded and posted by Friday. The good stuff will end up on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.

Lately, I’ve been all over the place stylistically, so why not write a country rock song about home?
The title comes from a line in “Zeus”, when Jeremy sarcastically comments that Hinsdale, NY, has “more cemeteries than stop signs”. If you’ve ever been to Hinsdale,  you know that comment is not so far from the truth. Also, a while back, I had a memorable conversation with one of my best friends about living in a different city than one’s hometown. He said he’s constantly wondering if he’s fighting a losing battle with fate by NOT living in his small hometown, and that perhaps he was never meant to reside anywhere else. I can relate to that. It was with that conversation in mind that I filled out the rest of this song.
* * *
As for the film itself, “Zeus” is currently in the editing stages. Jeremy and Hunter are busy finding the good takes, cueing up the audio and cutting and splicing pieces of footage together. I have no idea what I just said in that last sentence. Anyway, a few nights ago, I had the pleasure of viewing a rough cut of one scene, and it looked cool … and promising. We’ll be back in Western New York in just a few weeks to reshoot some of the scenes we lost during file transfers as well as footage we didn’t have time to grab in April. Still looking at a Fall release. For more day-by-day updates on the process, including screen shots and maybe even a short preview (?), check out Jeremy’s blog.
Oh yeah, might as well put the word out: Folks in Olean, we need an office for a scene. Any ideas?