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Friday Song Lab – "Footrace"

For the duration of the summer, I’ll be posting new music every Friday. Some songs will be used in“Zeus”; others will not. The goal here is to focus on one song idea for an entire week, fine-tune it and have it recorded and posted by Friday. The good stuff will end up on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.
When I started posting songs (almost) every Friday on this blog, I didn’t realize that I was creating a certain level of accountability for myself. Anybody can set deadlines for themselves, but without self-discipline and determination, those dates pass by and no harm done, other than feeling a little shitty about your apathy. Then, a couple of friends casually mentioned that they checked the blog every Friday to hear what I was working on during the week. That changed things. Folks now expected to hear something new every Friday, regardless of how busy I was with another project or if I was out of town. That accountability has helped to narrow my focus to just ONE idea going into the week. ONE idea (melody, chord progression, lyrics), ONE song, get it done. So far, this process has proved invaluable, in my organization, focus and overall productivity. AND, it forces me to post music that I don’t particularly care for. Such is the case this week.
I kinda hate what I recorded. I felt boxed in with the original melody and couldn’t think of another one without completely striping the whole song apart. Honestly, it was just supposed to be a quick, lo-fi, garage-rock song. Instead, I think I overcooked it.

But, I enjoy the music, and we can still use the instrumental somewhere in the film.

This was the first track that I recorded with all electric instruments, plugged directly into the Mbox. Since I lack a legit guitar modeling software, I’m limited in quality tones and forced to do what I can through Garageband’s stock amp simulators.
Here’s a recap of the songs thus far:
1. Respite
2. Street Cred (Volcano Casualty)
3. The Weight of a Feather
4. BMX Bike
5. Gentlemen Wear Suits
6. Dirty Dozen Dimes
7. Like I Should
8. All Noise
9. Cemetery, Stop Sign

* * *

Be prepared for a face-melter next Friday.