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Friday Song Lab – "Duck, Duck, Noose"

For the duration of the summer, I’ll be posting new music every Friday. Some songs will be used in“Zeus”; others will not. The goal here is to focus on one song idea for an entire week, fine-tune it and have it recorded and posted by Friday. The good stuff will end up on my next release – “The Zeus Collective”, which will be available for free download upon completion.
A couple of weeks ago, JHurls requested music for the Battle Bats scene in “Zeus”. “Something insane”, he said.
Battle bats, for those of you who were deprived as elementary school students, were big, foam bats that were used to “tag” your classmates during gym class. The game was basically tag ball, except with foam swords and way more violence.
With Jeremy’s request, I grinned and tented my fingers. Finally, I could dabble with Dillinger Escape Plan chaos, assault listeners with diminished 5ths,  sprinkle in a little Botch and Refused and pack a bunch of riffs into a minute and 30 seconds.
The acoustic was gently placed back in its case.
As promised, here’s your Face-Melter Friday.
Anyone want start a hardcore band?

* * *

The evolving Zeus Collective

1. Respite
2. Street Cred (Volcano Casualty)
3. The Weight of a Feather
4. BMX Bike
5. Gentlemen Wear Suits
6. Dirty Dozen Dimes
7. Like I Should
8. All Noise
9. Cemetery, Stop Sign
10. Footrace

Click here to visit the official “Zeus” site