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Friday Song Lab – "Mask"

Unlike the previous 11 or so songs, this one is definitely not for “Zeus”, at least lyrically. I came across this picking part while rummaging through my GarageBand files a few days ago and thought I could use it for a 30-second loop in the film. I toyed with that idea before giving the riff a shot as a full-fledged song about my grandmother, who’s in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Structurally, the song is a straight shot – two verses and the chorus and done. It’s short, almost too short, dying out as it’s just getting started.
I think I like it; I think I hate it. That’s the story of a songwriter.
Might explore this one again sometime.

She holds the edges of a map
what she once knew, the wind blows through.
an aimless kite goes up and up
no amount of screaming or shouting with bring her down.
She drifts where no eyes can see
into the recess of stubborn memory.
I wore no mask
your mind betrays
a foreign room, a familiar frame
I wore no mask
but I stood as a stranger.
A flower blooms in its vase,
Your photos hung in their proper place.
Seems I wore a mask,
I’m the piece that doesn’t fit here.
Blood of my blood
etched on my name
We watched the flood of chemical rain
and it came in waves.
find peace now in fairytale sleep,
and I’ll wear the mask
a reflection of the missing.

* * *

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