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Friday Song Lab – “Chuck Taylors”

For the duration of the summer, I’ll be posting new music every Friday. Some songs will be used in“Zeus”; others will not. The goal here is to focus on one song idea for an entire week, fine-tune it and have it recorded and posted by Friday. The good stuff will end up on the official soundtrack, which will be available for free download upon completion.

I can’t remember having a work week as frustrating as this one. Every song idea I brought to the lab sounded like garbage on tape, and at least two songs were abandoned after hearing them back. I don’t even want to think of the hours that were wasted this week on those tracks.

Coming into today, I didn’t have anything to work with, so back to the drawing board I went at 7 a.m. today. Sticking with the “Buffalo Morose” sound from last week, I devised a short instrumental to serve as its supplement, to be chopped up and placed throughout the film.

I’m gonna go have a beer now.

Happy Footballing. Go Phins.

* * *

The Zeus collective

1. Respite
2. Street Cred (Volcano Casualty)
3. The Weight of a Feather
4. BMX Bike
5. Gentlemen Wear Suits
6. Dirty Dozen Dimes
7. Like I Should
8. All Noise
9. Cemetery, Stop Sign
10. Footrace
11. Duck, Duck, Noose
12. The Buffalo Morose