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New Louiston Sampler Available for Free Download

Time to officially release some new stuff. With the “Zeus” tracklist still to be determined, I’m getting antsy with all these songs. Why not post some newly mastered stuff? The four songs comprising this 2010 sampler have been posted on this blog for some time. In fact, at least two of these will make it on the “Zeus” soundtrack, but I’ve yet to post the mastered versions and make them available for download. Wahlah.

To download mp3, right-click and select “Save File As…” or something of the sort. Mac users: Option-click. If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, head here and click the “Download” link next to each song in the playlist
1. Buffalo Morose

2. BMX Bike

3. Cemetery St. (formerly “Cemetery, Stop Sign”)

4. Harder To Stand

Thanks to Olean resident Mitch Todd for his mastering work with “Buffalo Morose”.