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Rounding the Bend: An Update on Our Indie Film – "Zeus"

I’ve refrained from hammering this blog with too much news regarding our film “Zeus”, the reason being rather simple: There hasn’t been much to report. Since September, Hurls has been lone-wolfing the editing process on our full-length feature, and I’ve made a few songs, one in which I’m hesitant to post because I use “F#$” quite liberally and some of my family read this blog.
After this past weekend, though, I’m happy to report a swell piece of news: We have a rough cut done. What does that mean exactly? Basically, all the scenes are cut and edited and spliced together in one, 90-minute film. Hurls and I spent the weekend locked in his Buffalo apartment, going through all 70-some scenes to build “Zeus”, and we’re both super excited with how it’s shaping up. Countless times this weekend, I stepped back from the tasks at hand to contemplate our progress, from the initial idea for this story back in 2008, to filming last year, to its ultimate release this Spring. It’s been a ton of work, with way more task juggling than I could have imagined. The enormity of this project was sometimes enough of a deterrent to keep from moving forward, but now, with the finish line in sight, those anxieties that greeted us on many writing days have given way to a tremendous (and addictive) gratification.
I’m glad we stuck it out.
That being said, now’s not the time to kick back and drink ourselves into a congratulatory stupor. There are still scenes left to refine, and in my case, I’ve got about 15 pieces of music to write in the next month, so expect a return of the Song Lab from this past summer.
As always, you can monitor Jeremy’s progress with the film over at his site.