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"Zeus" Song Lab – "Groovin' On Some Cookies"

And so the Friday Song Lab returns after a hiatus, re-dubbed the “Zeus Song Lab” for accuracy since I’ll be releasing tunes more frequently than once every Friday. At this point, we lack about 13 instrumentals that will serve as segues or “beds” – a throwback term from my radio days that describes the music playing quietly underneath dialogue. Most of these are small bits, between 15 or 30 seconds, with a couple of three-minute monsters creeping over my shoulder. For the next month or so, I’ll spare you those shorter tunes and post the more substantial ones.
Our “theme” music for the film aims for that 70s, cop-show guitar wank sound ala “Buffalo Morose” and “Chuck Taylors”, two songs that came out of last summer’s Song Lab. Today’s tune-age is along that same vein.
The 2-1 pitch: “Groovin’ On Some Cookies”