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Song Lab – "Derby Sleaze Blues"

So we wrote and filmed a movie called “Zeus”, and it will be out in the Spring. Since last summer, I’ve been writing and recording songs and sketches to use in the film and posting them when complete. Some work; others don’t. The purpose of this “Lab” is to create, first and foremost. Then we’ll sort out this mess later in the form of an official soundtrack, which will be available for free download.
OK, next scene due for some music is “Home Run Derby”. Since this scene is mostly comprised of footage of the boys hacking at whiffle balls, the music needs to be more significant, more prominent. Basically, this dirty blues instrumental carries the latter half of the scene.
I go into every one of these little ditties with the idea to use our Buffalo-Morose theme music, but not this time. Home Run Derby required something more lively, less “Shaft” and more – I don’t know – “Knightrider”?
Bad example.
Less The Roots and more Ten Years After. Initially, I was thinking ACDCish, big open-chord rock stuff, but emulating that guitar sound would’ve taken a ton of time. So I went with a simple 12-bar and a dirty guitar sound for the lead, aiming right between “Blonde on Blonde”-era Dylan and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

…and the closing notes are eerily similar to those of the “Ren & Stimpy” theme song, which is totally awesome.
Hooray! for sketch No. 20.

* * *


1. Respite
2. Street Cred (Volcano Casualty)
3. The Weight of a Feather
4. BMX Bike
5. Gentlemen Wear Suits
6. Dirty Dozen Dimes
7. Like I Should
8. All Noise
9. Cemetery, Stop Sign
10. Footrace
11. Duck, Duck, Noose
12. Mask
13. The Buffalo Morose
14. Chuck Taylors
15. What We Ghosts Left
16. Groovin’ on Some Cookies
17. Owls, Racing
18. Peanut Butter Shoes
19. Balls Galore