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A New Record and Summer Tedium

So I’ve started work on my first actual record, and I’m about three songs in. This explains my absence as of late. Just know that my silence is not the result of apathy but rather a single-mindedness necessary for such a laborious and oftentimes maddening task of putting songs to tape. I’m happy with the results thus far. The recordings are my best yet. They sound great, and I can’t wait to release this record.
In “Zeus” news, the sound for our film is currently being mixed, and we are looking at screening our debut in July. Stay tuned.
And in Ithaca, summer has arrived, and the city is vibrant in color. There couldn’t be a worse time to be inside, roasting behind a microphone, while the outdoors begs for my attention. Puttering on Cayuga Lake, runs through Cass Park, bike rides around town and BBQs –  just more of a motivator to get this record done ASAP.
Best of luck to all you artists in your everyday work.
Talk soon.