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New Song – “You Were Amazing”

Here in is the continuing saga of the as-of-yet untitled EP with songs written, recorded and produced in my tiny attic studio. I’m aiming for 5 songs, releasing each as I finish them. Note that these tracks have yet to be mastered in a professional studio. What you’re hearing are exported files straight from Pro Tools without any post-production clean-up. Once the tracks are mastered, I’ll make the EP available for download.

There’s a certain amount of necessary growth with any song. Some remain in their raw forms – one guitar, one voice – while others explode into multi-instrumental songs. This song is of the latter. I’ve had this one laying around for more than a year now, playing it as a slow, finger-picked song. But I knew it had the potential to sound bigger. This is what came out of those efforts:

There’s an element of mid-90s rock in here somewhere. Hearing the chorus, a friend, somewhat accurately, blurted out, “Gin Blossoms”. Not my intentions, but, what the hell. (See original demo below)

This here is Track 3 off of what will be a 5-song EP. I had originally aimed for an 8-10 LP, but, me being me, I need to get these songs out before I get sick of them. That, and my schedule right now does not allow for sufficient time to bang out 10 tracks. Chipping away at one is hard enough as it is.

Just to give you an idea of where this song started, here’s the scratch take of “You Were Amazing” from some time last year :