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New(er) Song – "Mask"

Here in is the continuing saga of the as-of-yet untitled EP with songs written, recorded and produced in my tiny attic studio. I’m aiming for 5 songs, releasing each as I finish them. Note that these tracks have yet to be mastered in a professional studio. What you’re hearing are exported files straight from Pro Tools without any post-production clean-up. Once the tracks are mastered, I’ll make the EP available for download.
Got two songs going at once here. This is the first one finished – I think. Called “Mask”. Been playing this one out for a while now.

Just about finished with this 5-songer, and thank god, really. My friend – Matt Alpaugh of These Are a Fisherman’s Favorite Dreams – and I played some tunes this last Saturday at The Shop in Ithaca for a group of our closest friends. It was a pleasure, as usual, and reminded me once again how enjoyable it is playing for and with folks I truly care about. Sure beats the hell out of a club gig. Thanks to the Alpaughs, who, afterward on Sunday, helped us move out of our house. Shout out to Senneca and Liz who endured the multiple-hour long drive to hang out and help with the move also. And, of course, Matt and Amanda Fogarty came into town specifically for the show. Lucky to know such sweet people.

Off to St. Louis this week for the annual Olean dudes trip.
Talk soon. Enjoy the summer.