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New Song – “Hands Tied”

Here in is the continuing saga of the as-of-yet untitled EP with songs written, recorded and produced in my tiny attic studio. I’m aiming for 5 songs, releasing each as I finish them. Note that these tracks have yet to be mastered in a professional studio. What you’re hearing are exported files straight from Pro Tools without any post-production clean-up. Once the tracks are mastered, I’ll make the EP available for download.

Here’s song No. 5, and with that, I think I’m done.

The song is called “Hands Tied”, a tune I had totally forgotten about in one of my notebooks. Rummaging through my computer’s hard drive last year, I came across a Garage Band project with a demo version of this song. Missing were a few lines in the second verse. After about 20 minutes of fiddling around with the forgotten track, I had my last lines and a completed song. It certainly harkens back to my time in the South, where I was both perplexed and enamored by aspects of the heavily engrained Christian culture, which, to me, seemed both a blessing and a burden for believers my age.

(If you’re reading this from, click here and you’ll be redirected to the wordpress blog, where you can hear the track.)

OK, gotta run. A couple of my friends are getting married this weekend.