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Here’s a Piece I Wrote About Some Kids Who Developed the Next Huge Innovation in Music Creation

This week, for the Ithaca Times, I wrote a small novella about a start-up with local connections that’s on the verge of something big. The Big Idea is called Thinkplay, and it’s a software-hardware combo that transforms an electric guitar into an audio and video triggering system. Put another way, Thinkplay turns your guitar into a sampler.

Check it out:
[vimeo 82792907 w=500 h=281]

Behind this latest development is a small group of Cornell University grads who have spent the past few years balancing class work with start-up work (as well as dedicating a couple of summers to fostering their idea), and now have an actual product ready for market. And not just any product, but one that really has the potential to make waves in the music world, particularly among solo musicians. And there are many of us.

For a blahg that celebrates audacious ideas, I’m proud to offer up this story about a few ambitious dudes who found a way to make the guitar speak another language.