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2015’s Greatest Hits


The DiPietro-Glover residence, Trumansburg, NY. February 2015 (photo by Lindsey Glover)


Lindsey’s show at SUNY Cortland, March 2015.


Lindsey at Longwood Gardens, outside of Philly.


Green wall at Longwood Gardens. (by Lindz)


Lindsey’s piece, Glacial Lake, is featured at the Ice Box gallery in Philadelphia. (by Lindz)


Springtime on the Black Diamond Trail.


J. DiPietro, Uncle Neil and Luca hit the links somewhere in Virginia. First stop on the road trip that would take us to Charleston, S.C.  April, 2015.


Night One of the annual Fogarty Golf outing, Charleston, S.C.


BBQ with friends and family in Allegany, NY. May, 2015.


Night One of wedding weekend with 2/3 of the Hernquist brothers and 3/4 of the Fogarty cousins, Ellicottville, NY, July 2015. 


Fam. July 11, 2015. Ellicottville, NY


Just married, July 2015, Ellicottville, NY


Lindsey and Ada at Northpoint, Trumansburg. Summer 2015.


Chenango River Adventure, Summer 2015 (by Lindz)


Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands, Summer 2015 (by Lindz)


A walk on Curry Road, Trumansburg.


Southwick Beach encampment, September 2015 (by Lindz)


Lindz at Genesee County Park, Summer 2015.


At the finish line of the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon, outside of Pittsburgh, Pa., October 2015.


Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History.


Lindz and the big, red door in Corning, NY. November, 2015.


Lights out, December 2015 (by Lindz)