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Shut In.

Like everyone else, I’ve spent the last several weeks hunkered down in my house, refining my relationship to boredom and probably eating too much. I’ve locked myself into a self-imposed rigid routine of remote work, family, exercise and rest, intended to keep my brain occupied and averted from the news that brings constant reminders of impending doom. Books have been a healthy solace in the evenings – “One Hundred Years of Solitude” breathed fresh air into what seems like a years-long fiction slump for me. Miles Davis has been a steady companion, too. In the midst of this have come brief flashes of inspiration and a need to create something, an urge no doubt sparked – probably more so than I care to admit – by nearly every songwriter out there doing cool Facebook Live shows. Life doesn’t allow for such things for me currently, so, in lieu of a live show…

Presenting “Shut In.”, featuring me, playing seven Louiston tunes in and around my house.Track Listing:

  1. Picatinny Arsenal
  2. Boxcars
  3. Meditations on Modern Doubt
  4. Cat Person
  5. Summer Beds
  6. The Up
  7. Alt Ctrl Delete