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A Gig and A Brief Update on New Tunes

The hiatus is over… sorta. Fresh fears of Covid variants impose on what has been a jubilant coming-out party this summer. Alas, in the midst of this continued uncertainty, I will play an in-person show this coming Tuesday night, August 3, at Barnstormer Winery just outside of Watkins Glen. Coincidentally, my last in-person show – exactly one year ago – was at Barnstormer. I’m hungry to play out after a year away, so this gig will be a welcomed opportunity to blow the dust off performing. Louiston gigs from here on through the year will be few, I’m learning, given the logjam of eager bands trying to fill limited dates at a smattering of venues. In lieu of gigs – outside of whatever ones I’m able to snatch up this fall and winter – I’ll be finishing up my new record, working on songs, and building myself a new website just because. Just indulging in making stuff, ya know?

About this new record of mine.

It’ll be called “Civilian” (I think), and will have 8 or 9 songs (I think). Here’s a post from the gram that I put out there back in late May, which includes some video from Sunwood Studios, where we tracked piano, organ, cello, and other stuff throughout the year.

This very weekend, I’ll be hunkering down in my own studio to finish up some final things – retracking a guitar part here, harmonies vocals there, and final mixes before all the tracks get sent out for a professional mix and master. Hard to believe but the finish line is in sight. I’ll share something as soon as I can.

I feel like 2020 and 2021 have taught me something about being still, which in turn allowed space for me to evaluate how I approach lots of things, music included. Why do I need to write songs or play shows? What are my motivations for doing any of this shit? What attitudes am I bringing to the creative process that can oftentimes snuff out the fun? I was thinking about this back in November, and continue to do so. There’s more to say here for another day and another post. Until then, be well.