I will now type a very adult sentence: I actually read something great in this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal. A feature — “Who Ruined the Humanities?”, which is surprisingly un-WSJ and available without a pay wall here — touches on the meaninglessness of collegiate literary studies. Now the main takeaway from this whole screed […]

“How odd a figure I must seem to you now, a solitary crank who maroons himself with a TV set and dozens of stacks of dust-jacketed comic books. Don’t think I wouldn’t appreciate a dramatic visit between two and three in the morning,” he told her, “from an intelligent woman in spike heels and a […]

I’m a little late to this train, but this week I read a great book by Michael Pollan, called “Omnivore’s Dilemma”, in which the author breaks down the American food system, following our dinner from the farm — or factory — to the table. A couple of health-crazed friends of mine had suggested it, said […]